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[EzineArticles] Fuzzy Bunny Slippers or Not, It's Hard Work!

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers or Not, It's Hard Work!
Without a doubt, online entrepreneurs represent the largest segment of the EzineArticles family. These individuals are typically flying solo, working out of their home, and promoting some type of product or service solely online. The demographic spectrum runs all the way from the full-time affiliate marketer to the stay-at-home mom selling handmade craft items from her web store.
What's in between is a mind-boggling assortment of diverse and unique entrepreneurs with two things in common: their desire to succeed and their commitment to article writing and marketing as a primary promotional strategy.
For these members, the EzineArticles platform is ideal. It not only drives laser-targeted sales prospects back to their website, it also increases their credibility as an expert and provides exposure that can result in other promotional opportunities ... all from the comfort of their own home. There's no need for an office building, a plethora of office equipment, or fancy business attire. Heck, they don't even need to wear shoes!
If you're one of these folks, then you know there are a lot of advantages to how you do business. You also know that it can be a lot of hard work. Writing articles isn't always easy, nor is analyzing your results and implementing new strategies. In the end, you know that it's all worth it ... you just wish it were a little easier.
That's where a Premium Membership subscription can help. The Premium benefits are a perfect fit for the online entrepreneur and are designed to make your article writing and marketing efforts more effective, more convenient, less time-consuming, and ultimately more successful. Premium benefits include:
  • Expedited Article Review for Faster Publication - That means your articles are out there working for you faster than with a free EzineArticles membership. The sooner somebody finds your article, the sooner you gain a customer!
  • Priority Member Support for Real-Time Response - When it's only you, time is precious. Get the answers you need fast so you can move on to make your business succeed!
  • Call-to-Action Power with 12 Resource Boxes - Chances are good that you're promoting more than 3 products or services. Target your market with precision by customizing your Resource Boxes for each of your offerings.
  • 30 Reader-Targeted Keywords to Amplify Searchability - You probably don't have the time to write hundreds of articles, so each article you write needs to be as effective as possible. With 25 additional keywords, you'll know precisely what your readers are looking for.
  • Scheduled Article Release for Enhanced Exposure - Going on vacation? No worries! With scheduled article release, you'll be able to keep your audience happy with a steady stream of new articles. They'll never know you were gone!
  • Success-Driven Article Performance Reports - We don't call it article writing and marketing efforts for nothing. Writing articles takes effort. Maximize that effort by knowing exactly how your articles are performing with these in-depth article reports.
Combined, these benefits can make your EzineArticles experience easier, faster, and a whole lot more enjoyable. Click here to find out more about what a Premium Membership can do for you.
Are you a solo online entrepreneur? If so, click here to leave a comment and tell us about some of the perks (and problems too!) of working from home.

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